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Our world is changing and so are our workplaces. The needs of business leaders and the people who work for them are evolving at a rapid pace.

Alterity is a Recruitment Agency with a different approach. We are a network of Recruiters, Account Executives, Consultants, and Partners who offer a range of services and specialties from retained and contingent permanent placement to project based consulting, learning and coaching solutions. We can customize solutions and offer flexibility in our fee structures... all based around the needs of your business.

We not only help our clients achieve their business goals through the people they hire, but also support the career goals of the candidates we engage. We go beyond the question of “can this person do the job” to helping our clients understand “how this person will do the job”. For our candidates and consultants, it means discovering their innate strengths and talents, and knowing how to leverage more than just their technical skills.

That alignment of talent, values, and the environment in which people work, makes all the difference in terms of how people ultimately engage, thrive, and contribute in the workplace.

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